Methow Watershed Plan, Maps and AppendicesIrrigation Ditch

WRIA 48 Consumptive Use Methodology 6/30/10

Hydrogeology of Unconsolidated Sediments USGS

Water Withdrawal Study - Draft - 05/24/11

WRIA 48 Instream Flow Rule Revision Database Report - Draft - 05/24/11

WRIA 48 Reservation Memo - Draft - 05/24/11

Watershed Basin WRIA 48 Plan

Water Withdrawal Study Plan

Final Detailed Implementation Plan

2008 Highlands Associates Reach-Based Population Update


Watershed Planning and Plan Implementation Status
Ground Water Flow Paths
Irrigated/Non Irrigated
Methow Valley Land Use
Pateros Instream Flow
Sub-Basin Boundaries
Use Catagories


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*The above appendices have been provided to the reader to give the widest possible spectrum of facts, studies and methodologies many of which (but not all) were used by the Methow Basin Planning Unit in arriving at the final plan.  Therefore, the planning unit does not offer as fact or endorse as a conclusion all of the appendices listed in this plan.  In areas of conflict between the plan and appendices this plan is superior.